Those of us who feel an intense spark when we try any new sport, whether it’s soccer or skydiving, are usually hooked during that first experience. The adrenaline rush, thrill of competition, sense of community/team, and testing the limits of our bodies, keep us coming back for more.

Advancement and mastery of any sport cannot be attained without discipline, however. And when it comes to extreme sports, there are certain elements that require additional aspects.

“There is no fast-track to becoming a famous Red Bull skydiver featured in magazines and media ads everywhere.”

So how, specifically, does skydiving encourages discipline?

1- You must be resolute in your decision.

You’ll only be successful if you are in it 100%.

With a sport that requires a plane ride to altitude, and hurling yourself into a blue sky at 120 mph, there’s no room for wavering thoughts.

The intensity alone is enough to weed out those who are indecisive about their desires. You have to want it completely.

2- You’ll learn to be a fear-conqueror.

One unique characteristic of learning an extreme sport is the element of increased danger.

Contrary to what some believe, skydiving is actually a very safe sport as long as a person masters the ability to conquer their own fear.

By taking control of your own mind and disciplining yourself to remain calm and focused at all times, you’ll have the power to make wise, life-saving decisions.

3- Your trust and confidence in yourself will increase.

In our normal, every day lives, we are rarely tested in ways that reveal our ability to make rational decisions in fast-paced, life or death moments.

When you choose a sport that forces you to confront this possibility on each jump, you are pushing boundaries in order to grow muscle-memory and safety procedure knowledge, and strengthen your mental capabilities.

4- Discipline and perseverance go hand in hand.

You will fail.

You’ll mess up an exit, miss a dock, and have some rough landings.

There’s no way around it!!!

By choosing to see failure as an opportunity for improvement, you’ll learn to require yourself to keep going and never give up.

5- Delayed gratification requires patience.

There is no fast-track to becoming a famous Red Bull skydiver featured in magazines and media ads everywhere.

No matter a person’s age, gender, or income level, everyone has to start as a student and put in the time and training necessary to safely advance through the basics and into a chosen skydive discipline.

6- Your awareness will increase.

As you advance further in the sport of skydiving, you’ll notice your ability to recall more precise details, improves with each jump.

Increased awareness is essential in growing your competence in all areas of your chosen sport.

7- You will need to have a team mentality.

There are many aspects of skydiving that require you to work solo. You must perfect your own body flying and canopy skills.

However, even solo jumpers have a responsibility to look out for the safety of everyone on their skydive load, and to mentor those who have fewer jumps than themselves.

8- You will learn and observe great respect.

Coaches, mentors, and more experienced jumpers will be teaching you throughout your skydive years.

Respect is earned and the community rewards consistency and longevity, as well as a solid safety record.

Just like any family, young skydivers with large egos will receive justified humility lessons, but always out of love.

9- You will gain a supportive community.

In skydiving, as in other sports, you will notice that the longer you are a participant, your sense of community will grow and strengthen.

At any drop zone across the world, you’ll find commonalities that only those who have experienced them can understand.

It is a wonderful, varied, and inclusive family.

Skydiving encourages discipline

By entering the world of skydiving, you made a conscious decision to engage in a sport that some people view as dangerous.

With the added challenges of flight, high speeds and advanced/unique equipment, this sport certainly does offer amazing and endless opportunities to build and grow your discipline skills.

When you apply discipline in Skydiving

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